Help us in giving equal opportunities of development to the marginalised and deprived sections in terms of access to entitlements in the areas of health, education and livelihoods.


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Kriya Sangh Society is a non-profit organisation that is based in Rasoolpura, Secunderabad. It aims to provide innovative solutions to the problems being faced by lower income society with specific reference to health, hygiene, skills & livelihood and environment. Keeping its foundation rigid on core values such as providing accessible, affordable and quality services, the Society aims to enrich the lives of its audience through awareness, motivation, community involvement and technological innovations while focusing on value based learning and implementation.


Kriya Sangh Society has operations in Rasoolpura, which is one of the largest slums in Hyderabad with a population of approximately 1.3 lakhs. Rasoolpura is associated with poor development indicators and civic amenities. No healthcare facilities were available there until recently. The chief functionary of the Society Sheikh Nayeem belonged to a poor family and had undergone very tough times during his childhood. He had to travel more than 2 kilometres to just fetch water and the financial situation of his family had hindered him from pursuing his dreams of professional education. He accordingly resolved to take up the responsibility of improving conditions in his colony. He, along with his friends, got a bore well drilled in 2000-01, benefiting 450 families. He also negotiated with the local officials to facilitate the issuance of ration cards to the needy and organised medical camps. He also got the High School building renovated and protested the indiscriminate dumping of garbage opposite the school by squatting right in the middle of the yard. The local media gave extensive coverage to the incident and the issue was resolved. He later associated himself with leading NGOs such as Mamidipudi Venkatarangaiya Foundation, Bhoomi, etc. during the course of his professional work.

It was in 2014 that Sheikh Nayeem registered Kriya Sangh Society with the objectives of extending services to community in the domains of Education, Skill Development & Livelihood Promotion, Health and Environment. The Society has since launched a wide range of initiatives in the areas of affordable healthcare through Amma Clinic, strengthening the local government school, educating community on health issues, conduct of health check up camps, remedial coaching for children with learning gaps and skill development in various areas. The organisation has also accorded priority to promotion of environmental awareness.


  1. Awareness programmes to the unorganised sectors of rural and urban areas (e.g. Construction Labour, domestic workers, migrant workers, etc.)
  2. Eradication of child labour and promoting education programmes for children (e.g. Domestic child labour, street children, school dropouts, migrant children, etc.)
  3. Care and support for special children, providing special education to them (e.g. Mentally Retarded, deaf, & dumb, physically handicapped children. Etc.)
  4. Empowerment of women and the girl child (e.g. Formation of SHGs, Training programmes, prevention of child trafficking, sexual abuse, child marriage, dowry, violence, etc.)
  5. Education programmes for illiterates (e.g. Senior citizens, women and youth in urban and rural areas)
  6. Awareness programmes on health related aspects and conducting health camps (e.g. HIV/AIDS, TB, Cervical Cancer, Family Planning, etc., Support to PLHA, MDR, TB patients)
  7. Organise programmes on environmental safety measures (preventing water pollution, promoting plantation, eradication of plastic, etc.)
  8. Care and support for drug addicts and alcoholics by running de-addiction centres
  9. Care and support for orphans and semi-orphan children in rural areas
  10. Run short stay homes, crèches, old age homes for beggars and homeless people
  11. Networking programmes with the government and other NGOs
  12. Conduct social research in any area of social development, organising capacity building programmes and vocational training for youth (e.g. Spoken English, Computer Skills, Driving, Cell Phone repair, etc.)
  13. Organise sensitisation programmes for adolescents (Premarital counseling, sex education, behavioural change communication, suicidal tendency, etc.)
  14. Conduct awareness programmes for farmers (e.g. Watershed Management, Seed Management, Formation of Rythu Clubs, utilisation of dry land, promote poultry, fishery and dairy, etc.
  15. Protect human rights by organising awareness camps for general population

Help us in empowering the deprived!

Help us in giving equal opportunities of development to the marginalised and deprived sections in terms of access to entitlements in the areas of health, education and livelihoods.



Kriya Sangh Society has close linkages with the ICDS, the DM&HO, AIWC (All India Women’s Conference), JCI (Junior Chamber International) and the Hyderabad Chapter of FPAI (Family Planning Association of India)


5 volunteers from CSIM (Centre for Social Initiative and Management) have come forward to support the Society in the conduct of a Summer Camp during May 2017. They are part of the Society’s Core Committee and have been contributing their time and efforts during weekends.


Initiated following activities and planning to add more


Most families from the project area fall under the low income category with many bread winners employed in the unorganised sector...


Beauty Care is another high potential area, as social gatherings are very common among the locals. There is great demand for beauticians in the marriage season...


Hyderabad is renowned for Mehndi designing, which is a highly lucrative field just like Beauty Care. Mehndi is a very low cost method of enhancing the appeal...


Environmental consciousness has increased rapidly of late and the phenomenon of global warming has prompted nations and governments to explore ecologically...

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